TA2I 配置

Follow the steps to create a simple Access Point

Notice?TA2I is working as a bridge which is default value. External DHCP and routing server is needed

Step 1. Network-Interfaces configuration

Open Network-Interfaces page and click Edit:

11n_indoor_ap_ configuration_1

  • Change IPv4 address in Interfaces – LAN page

11n_indoor_ap_ configuration_3

Step 2. Configure Wireless setting for AP

Open Network-Interfaces page and click Edit:

11n_indoor_ap_ configuration_2

  • Define ESSID

11n_indoor_ap_ configuration_6

  • Enable Encryption if necessary

11n_indoor_ap_ configuration_7

  • Choose the least occupied Channel
  • Select HT mode11n_indoor_ap_ configuration_5
  • Select your Country in Advanced Settings page

11n_indoor_ap_ configuration_4

  • All other settings leave as default


The Status-Overview page displays a summary of status information of the device. It shows information like Mode, Channel, Associated Stations and so on.

11n_indoor_ap_ configuration_8

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