Last Mile | Product Selection

Product selection according to distance
The table below shows reference values of the different antennas used to achieve particular distance.

Model name TX power,dBm Antenna Recommended distance Maximum distance
TB5J 27 15dBi 3km 5km
TB8H 27 5G 18dBi 3km 5km
2G 13dBi 500m 1000m
TB5E 27 15dBi 3km 5km
TB5F 27 16dBi 3km 5km
TB5FS-29E 27 29dBi 20km 30km
TB5FD-32E 27 32dBi 30km 50km
TB5FD-34E 27 34dBi 50km 80km

Recommended distance is a distance, where CreatComm devices can achieve not less than 50 % of possible throughput (fade margin 15 dBm).