The device can not be started after power on

1. The Ethernet cable between the device and the POE adaptor is more than 40 meters long.
2. The Ethernet cable quality is not good enough, and it should be Cat 5e or even Cat 6 cable.
3. The RJ-45 plugs are not well connected.

The signal level or the wireless TX/RX rate is low

1. There is a large bunker between Client and access point. Please remove or bypass the bunker.
2. The scale plate of the client is not directed at the access point. Please adjust the client and access point.
3. Switch to other wireless channel cause there are much interferences in this channel.

Multiple devices are installed at the same area, the packet loss is serious. Change channel can only improve the situation for a while.

1. Multiple devices are installed at the same area, and there is no plan for the frequency settings which will cause the same frequency interference. It is recommended to separate the frequency of the devices. If the channel width is 20M, the frequency difference between two devices should be more than 20MHz. For example, 2412MHz, 2432MHz, 2452MHz etc., or set to non-standard frequency.
2. Multiple devices IP conflict with each other; you need to modify the IP address.

Clients often dropped, the speed is slow.

1. There are too many clients connect to AP, please limit the number of access users.
2. AP signal is weak. Please improve AP transmission power or regulating the AP and the user’s position.
3. Check the saturation of users and network bandwidth.

The signal strength between 2 devices is too weak, and throughput is low.

1. The AP and Station devices are not Line-of-Sight, or there are blocks like a building in between the AP and Station devices.
2. The Station device and AP device is not aligned very well, including both horizontally and vertically, since the antenna of the device is directional.
3. The Station device is installed in the windows, and the windows glass shields the wireless signal.
4. The distance between the AP and Station devices is too far.

I don't want anyone to connect to TB2I/TA2I.

1. Modify the password of the access point AP. Followed by click Network – > Wifi – > select corresponding SSID and click Edit – > interface configuration – > Wireless Security.
2. To hide the ESSID of the AP. Followed by click Network – > Wifi – > select corresponding SSID and click Edit button – > interface configuration – > General Setup – > Hide ESSID, to turn off this feature.

How to modify the IP address of the TB2I/TA2I?

Please open the device page, followed by click Network – > interfaces – > select Edit button of the LAN interface – >Common Configuration – >General Setup ->IPv4 address; here you can set the IP address according to your own needs. But you should ensure the IP you edit is different with other devices, so as to avoid IP address conflict.